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Box 113, 210-2nd Ave South, Marwayne, Alberta  T0B 2X0

Water Conservation Plan
View the Marwayne Water Conservation Plan 2012-22(PDF) here.
Village of Marwayne’s Water Conservation, Efficiency & Productivity (CEP) Measures
2016 Review – How are we doing?
  2006 benchmark 2016 2020 Target
per capita consumption
All liters/capita/day
372 230.5
% unaccounted water 17.3% 5% 10%

Year end water statistics were presented to Council. We have reduced our water loss from 54% in 2014 to 34% for 2015 and have reached an all time low for 2016 of 5.4%.  The difference can be attributed to our great water operator and public works using our SCADA system data to detect leaks earlier and then able to pinpoint the location a little easier than in previous years.

Other 2016 stats:

  • 7 water breaks (2014 & 2015 both had 13 breaks)

  • Average number of water breaks/year (2003 to 2016) is 6.9

  • Of pre-2003 water services 59% have been replaced

  • Average consumption per day 153.8 m3

  • Peak consumption in year 183.2 m3

  • Big water consumers use 8% of the water

  • Used 44% of licensed well water allocation (65,643 m3), with 94% returned relative to diverted


Marwayne is located in the Vermilion River Watershed.  Check out for more information.This is the website of the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance.  They are a local nonprofit group formed to revive the watershed, which is part of the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta. Through their efforts, we can improve water quality, manage flooding, reduce erosion, retain soil and moisture content, and protect local wildlife.