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Box 113, 210-2nd Ave South, Marwayne, Alberta  T0B 2X0

Garbage and Recycling
What is acceptable? Look for the bins marked "Recycling" on site.

Due to constraints placed on the Vermilion River Regional Waste Management Services Commission by our contractor that hauls all of our household waste to the Beaver Municipal Solutions landfill, there are size constraints placed on everything that goes into the household waste bins at all of our satellite transfer sites and also for the waste building located at the Vermilion transfer site.  Items that do not meet the specifications will be refused at the gate.

Following is the list of constraints:

The following items must be cut to 4-foot lengths before they will be accepted.  It is up to the patron to cut the items, not the transfer site supervisor, and the items must arrive at the transfer site ready for disposal.

i)         Vinyl siding

ii)       Plastic pipe

iii)     Plastic hose larger than 1 inch in diameter

iv)     Countertops

v)        Railroad ties (creosote treated)

vi)     Laminate flooring

vii)   Fibreglass bathtubs must be cut in at least 4 pieces

Further information:

i)         Hot tubs must have the wood exteriors removed prior to disposal, and the tub must be cut into pieces not to exceed 2 feet by 4 feet

ii)       Shingles must be removed from the wood structure

iii)     Metal kitchen chairs must have the cushions removed and the metal frames should be placed in the metal compound

iv)     Wood that has flooring attached must not be placed in the burn pit.  The flooring must be cut into pieces no larger than 2 feet by 4 feet.

v)        Hydraulic hoses and any other long hoses are to be coiled and secured with twine or wire.

PLEASE NOTE: that items that go into the burn pit or on the metal pile do not have size constraints.  


Garbage Pickup:
  •  Thursdays out by 7 am, then return after pick up
Is supplied by Quick Pick Waste Disposal and will be picked up on the front street only. Have your garbage cart out by 7 am on Thursdays. Your garbage cart must be on your boulevard or edge of the street with at least a 3 m clearance on all sides to be picked up. Complaints regarding this service can be directed to S. Schwartz 780-853-5561.
Please return bins to your yard on Thursday after pickup.
Transfer Site Hours:
Saturdays 10 am – 2 pm
Wednesday Nov 1-April 30 2pm – 5pm
May 1- Oct 31 2pm – 7pm
At the site there is a burnable pit for items like tree branches, grass clippings. If you need access to the landfill site other than these times there is a $45 off-hour fee, contact S. Schwartz 780-853-5561.
The Vermilion River Regional Waste Management Services Commission has procedures for the handling of last-minute transfer site closures due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather. The decision as to whether or not to open or remain closed is made on a site-by-site basis. If the weather turns inclement, call our office at 780-853-5561 to get updates on whether or not transfer stations are open. An automated recording will inform you of any closures. If you require further information contact the Vermilion River Regional Waste Management Services Commission during regular office hours. We will also be using social media such as Facebook in a further effort to get the information out. Check the Facebook page of your municipality or the County of Vermilion of River before you travel to any sites if the weather has been inclement.
We encourage you to use the burn pit for your grass clippings, tree branches, leaves etc. When you dispose of the burnable through front yard pickup or the green bins at the transfer site, they are hauled to Ryley. The extra cost is passed onto you the consumer. Please do your part to help us keep garbage transfer fees down by taking your yard waste to the burn pit or consider composting in your yard.
Annual Spring Clean Up:
Rain or shine on May is the Treasure Hunt and Yard Clean Up. Check out the newsletter regarding this event.
LIST OF PRODUCTS ACCEPTED at the Marwayne transfer station:

YARD WASTE:  Leaves and grass must be taken out of the bags before being paced in the burn pit. Bags can be disposed of in regular household waste.

RECYCLING:  All items that are to recycled must be cleaned and rinsed.  The transfer sites will accept corrugated cardboard that is flattened before it is placed in the bin.  We accept boxboard, tin cans, plastics labelled as #1, #2, #4, and #5, as well as newspapers, magazines, books and other paper.  Plastics labelled #3, #6 and #7 are not accepted.  Do not recycle the following:

#3 (PVC) - Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride - plastic building materials, shower curtains, cooking oil bottles, clear food wrap.

#6 Plastic Polystyrene (PS) — disposable drinking cups, egg cartons, take-out food containers, CD/DVD cases, building insulation, etc.

#7 - Other (Items with BPA) — sport bottles and equipment, car parts, baby bottles, electrical wiring, etc.


LARGE ITEMS:  Large items such as fibreglass tubs, showers, hot tubs, must be cut in pieces no bigger that 2 feet x 4 feet.  Vinyl siding, plastic pipe and hoses must be cut into 4 ft. lengths.


ELECTRONIC RECYCLING:  Televisions, computers, computer components (monitors, printers, scanners).


USED PAINT:  Paint, varnish, stain, paint thinner and stripper, and aerosol paint cans are recyclable.  Empty paint cans should be placed in the metal pile.


HAZARDOUS WASTE:  Approved transfer sites will continue to offer household hazardous waste recycling.There are hazardous waste bins on site to hold acceptable items.  Small household-sized containers such as glue, cleaners, insecticides, rechargeable batteries, etc., are considered hazardous waste.  Common household cleaners such as oven cleaner, bleach and soaps are not considered hazardous waste and can be put in the household waste bins.  if the word "Contains no PCBs” appears on an item, it can also be put in household waste.  Fluorescent ballasts, fluorescent tubes, halogen lights or curly bulb lights are to be placed in household waste bins.  If there are containers which have solidified, they can be placed in the household waste bins.  Small propane tanks that power lights or stoves can be disposed in the metal pile if they are empty.  Larger propane bottles (20#) are collected in cages or pallets, and are not to be placed in the metal pile.


USED OIL:  All sites have a location on site for disposal of used oil, and empty oil jugs or pails and oil filters are to be disposed of in the used oil compound.


MIXED WASTE:  If you wish to dispose of wood or metal upholstered chairs, the cushions must be removed whenever possible.  Sofas, mattresses and other upholstered furniture can be disposed in the furniture compound.


TIRES:  All types of tires are acceptable, but the rims must be removed before they are placed in the tire compound.


CONCRETE AND SOD:  These will not be accepted.

Link for Waste Commission-Vermilion:
Follow Instructions of the Supervisor for Segregation of Waste
Special Provisions:
  • Major construction/demolition debris requires special authorization from the Authority. Segregation; a fee may be assessed.
  • Non-residential tipping fees apply
  • Out of hours access fee of $30 for up to 3 hours will be charged.
  • Mattresses, plasterboard/gyp rock, and upholstered furniture can be taken to the Lloydminster or Vermilion landfills.
  • Triple rinsed containers are accepted at all transfer stations, except Kitscoty.
The above services, except the annual spring clean up, are coordinated by the Vermilion River Regional Waste Management Commission, the Village of Marwayne is represented on this board.