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Water Meter
Understanding your new water meter

Information on you new water meter can be found by clicking this link. Learn how to test for a leaky toilet and what all the icons on the dial mean.
Water Meter Seal

If you must repair plumbing and need to remove your water meter, the office must be notified on the next working day. Tampering with seals or meters is not permitted by Bylaw. If there are reasonable grounds of tampering, it will be treated through the courts as theft and your water will be disconnected.

Remote Water Meter Reading Project 

We’re excited to announce that the Village has installed remote water meters in all residential and commercial buildings funded 100% by a provincial grant.  Through a Regional Collaboration grant with the Village’s of Kitscoty & Dewberry.


Moving to remote water meters will assist in water conservation.  With Public Works able to read all meters within minutes (vs. once a year) we will have a snapshot of water consumption across the Village in near real time.  This will transform the manual, labor-intensive meter reading practice by using mobile devices to capture data automatically.  Accessing meters remotely, dramatically shortens the time it takes to read and collect metering-based data across all routes, improves the accuracy of the meter data, and significantly improves the efficiency of meter reading operations. The water meter reports will also provide the added benefit to residents of early leak detection which could have previously gone undetected for up to 12 months.

The readings will then be downloaded, interfaced into our financial software program for billing based on consumption of water.  You will receive an accurate monthly billing.


This project was identified in our Marwayne Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan as one of our priority conservation measures that needed to be undertaken. You can view the entire Plan at: