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Box 113, 210-2nd Ave South, Marwayne, Alberta  T0B 2X0

The Bylaws below address subjects of general interest to the public. These are uncertified copies and are not to be offered or relied upon as legal documents for any purpose. Bylaws may be amended from time to time and while the Village makes every effort to ensure the most recent and up to date bylaws are added to our webpage, we cannot guarantee that any bylaw on this page is the most current version.
The Village of Marwayne has also partnered with "Our Future Our Past - The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project”. You can see Marwayne's bylaws dating back to 1953 by following this link.
Bylaw 422-99 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Bylaw 423-99 Records Retention and Disposition
Bylaw 430-00 Fire Pit
Bylaw 449-05 Fire and Rescue
Bylaw 474-08 Public Trees
Bylaw 476-08 Cemetary
Bylaw 477-08 SE Industrial Area Structure Plan
Bylaw 485-10 Debenture
Bylaw 489-10 Fireworks
Bylaw 492-10 Subdivsion Cancellation
Bylaw 493-10 Subdivision Cancellation
Bylaw 501-11 Marwayne Hotel Municipal Historic Resource Designation
Bylaw 502-11 No Need to Nock Municipal Historic Resource Designation
Bylaw 519-13 Road Closure
Bylaw 522-13 Municipal Development Plan
Bylaw 524-13 Economic Development Committee
Bylaw 541-15 Emergency Management
Bylaw 543-15 Utility Bylaw
Bylaw 544-15 Fees & Charges
Bylaw 545-15 Borrowing for Credit Card Use
Bylaw 556-17 Addressing
Bylaw 557-17 Animal Control
Bylaw 558-17 Traffic
Bylaw 559-17 Community Standards
Bylaw 560-17 Procedure
Bylaw 562-18 Amendment to Fees and Charges UT Deposit
Bylaw 563-18 Taxation
Bylaw 564-18 Rec Tax
Bylaw 565-18 Borrowing for Reservoir
Bylaw 565-18 Public Notice
Bylaw 566-18 Council Code of Conduct
Bylaw 567-18 Business License
Bylaw 568-19 Amend Fees Bylaw for ACE Water
Bylaw 569-19 Amend Fees Bylaw for Tax Recovery
Bylaw 570-19 Taxation
Bylaw 571-19 Recreation Tax
Bylaw 572-19 Land Use
Bylaw 573-19 Municipal Emergency Management Agency
Bylaw 574-19 Duties and Powers of Bylaw Enforcement Officers
Bylaw 575-19 Subdivision Cancellation
Bylaw 576-20 Amendment to the Fees and Charges Bylaw
Bylaw 578-20 Amendment to the Land Use Bylaw
Bylaw 579-20 Municipal Development Plan
Bylaw 581-20 Rates of Taxation
Bylaw 582-20 Special Culture and Recreation Rates of Taxation