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Intermunicipal Development Plan
Please click below for a copy of the Intermunicipal Development Plan and/or a copy of Bylaw No. 580-21. 


The purpose of the Intermunicipal Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as the "IDP”) between the Village of Marwayne (hereinafter referred to as "the Village”) and the County of Vermilion River (hereinafter referred to as "the County”) is to foster an interjurisdictional approach to proactively address planning and development initiatives on the lands that connect the two municipalities over a thirty (30) year horizon.

A comprehensive IDP built on a solid foundation can strengthen the local economy and community as well as enhance the region’s vibrancy through collaborative governance. This IDP will provide a long-term, mutually beneficial and supported framework for the future development and growth in the area.

Vision and Goals
The fundamental purpose of an IDP is to provide opportunities for collaboration and communication between municipalities sharing a common border. By creating a regional framework to coordinate land use, future growth patterns and opportunities within the IDP area, the Village and the County will be able to pinpoint and address intermunicipal matters related to planning and development. The establishment and implementation of specific directives ensures that the policies outlined within this IDP are handled reasonably, equitably and in a timely manner for both municipalities.
The Village of Marwayne and the County of Vermilion River are committed to:
  • Establishing concepts which outline the future land uses that may develop over a thirty (30) year horizon;
  • Identifying mutual and shared interests relative to the lands within the IDP area;
  • Developing decision making processes that promote collaboration and mitigate potential conflicts;
  • Honoring the mutually beneficial agreements that have been executed;
  • Pursuing development opportunities to support strong communities;
  • Adhering to provincial, federal and other jurisdictional mandates where applicable in the implementation of plans and strategies relevant to this IDP; and
  • Recognizing the importance of trust, respect and goodwill in all dealings and communications.

This IDP will ultimately serve as the primary policy document in negotiations with the Province of Alberta in the development of a regional plan for the Village and the County.

Administration, Amendment and Appeal

As is the case with any municipal bylaw, this IDP shall come into force at which time the Village and the County Councils have given third and final reading to the matching bylaws in accordance with section 692 of the MGA.

This IDP shall be reviewed by resolution of each respective Council at intervals not to exceed a five (5) year period. A review may be conducted earlier, provided each municipality agrees by resolution of Council however the timing of the review shall be no less than one (1) year after municipal elections.

This IDP may be amended from time to time subject to the agreement of both municipalities’ Councils. This IDP shall remain in effect until such time that both municipalities agree to repeal the associated bylaws by Council resolution.