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Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework
To view the Village of Marwayne and County of Vermilion River's Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework, please click here
What is an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement?

An Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement (herein referred to as the "ICF”) establishes the principles and guidelines for communication and cooperation in the identification and development of current and future intermunicipal and regional partnerships. It serves as a means for integrated and strategic service delivery with the intention of achieving efficiencies and balancing benefits and burdens between municipal partners. By acknowledging the importance of respect, trust and goodwill in all dealings and communications, this ICF is intended to outline the way in which the provision of cooperative rather than competitive services will be offered for the benefit of all residents within the respective municipalities.

How the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework was Prepared

To be consistent with the guiding principles as outlined in an Intermunicipal Development Plan (herein referred to as the "IDP”), this document considered the IDP prepared between the County of Vermilion River (herein referred to as the "County”) and the Village of Marwayne (herein referred to as the "Village”) as it was being developed. The parties’ intention within the context of this framework was to create protocols which formalize, streamline, and help advance areas of intermunicipal interest and relevance.

The ICF is a framework that provides a means of exploring opportunities and developing common solutions and responses to service delivery gaps and/or challenges that affect this region. In addition, the ICF encourages communication at all levels of municipal organizations to ensure that opportunities are recognized, explored and pursued to their fullest potential.

The ICF builds on a series of amendments to the MGA as well as shared agreements and information obtained from Council meetings held throughout the process, including:

Working Together Agreement – September 2018

In light of the legislative changes, the County of Vermilion River and the Villages of Marwayne, Kitscoty, Dewberry and Paradise Valley began planning for the development of their respective ICF’s and IDP’s to meet the statutory requirements. The commitment to further ongoing collaboration between the municipalities was ratified by the adoption of the Working Together Agreement which serves to guide the process for the development of the ICF’s and IDP’s in order to allow for their completion and ultimately, formalized adoption.

Terms of Reference for the Intermunicipal Liaison Committee – September 2018

The terms of reference outline the structure, functions, and operations of the Intermunicipal Liaison Committee (herein referred to as the "ILC”) in accordance with the provisions and procedures under the Working Together Agreement.

Public Open Houses – January 2019 and November 2019

In response to the provincial requirements, the County of Vermilion River and the Villages of Marwayne, Kitscoty, Dewberry and Paradise Valley launched the Beyond Boundaries Project. The Beyond Boundaries Project consisted of two (2) rounds of open houses – two (2) in the winter and two (2) in the fall. The first series of open houses were held in Marwayne on January 21, 2019 and in Kitscoty on January 28, 2019. The purpose of these open houses was to provide an opportunity for interested residents and stakeholders to learn more about the provincial collaboration requirements, the work that the municipalities were undertaking to meet those requirements, and to express any questions, concerns and/or considerations about the requirements of the work being done.

The second series of open houses were held in Marwayne on October 28, 2019 and in Kitscoty on November 12, 2019 after the draft ICF and IDP documents had been prepared. The purpose of these subsequent open houses was to provide residents with the opportunity to review the draft documents and provide their feedback.