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Box 113, 210-2nd Ave South, Marwayne, Alberta  T0B 2X0

Celebrating Marwayne's 100th Anniversary
For the Centennial of the Village of Marwayne, the organization committee decided that a painting of Marwayne - with the theme Then and Now - would be an interesting commemorative. So they approached me to do a painting of Marwayne.
I was asked to do up an image that would reflect both the past and the present. As I was an import to the area through my marriage, I was not familiar with the past history of the Village. Turned out, that hunting down the history of it was the most fun aspect of the project. I scouted the old books about the town and picked the memories of the older residents and some of the younger ones too. Took a look at old photos of the town, and then had to try and place where they were in relation to the town now. There were a lot of things that I could have included, but I was unable to fit them all in. The main ones I was NOT able to put in were the old hospital, the equipment dealership, the school, and movie theatre. I tried to hint at them, but it was not really possible to add them.
Of the things I included, I tried to pick ones that were the most notable and that would make it an interesting painting. The elevator fire was at the top for most of the people I talked to, including Henry (my husband) and his Father. They were actually asked to clean the grain from the elevator after the fire. Apparently it was a very smelly job. Another that not as many knew about was the tornado that went down Railway Avenue! Who knew!? Also there was the old railway station that after much figuring and questioning, I found out was where the carwash/fudge store is now - a real cross road point at the time.
The trees along railway avenue have been there forever, according to the pictures I saw, and seemed like they were a notable point in the town, especially as they have survived so long. They are huge! So I made sure they were there too.
Some things that I included from the past that are no longer on the street are the gas pumps from the old gas station in front of the stone building; the reflection of the old Gulf Station in the Fire Hall windows; and there are several other ghostly images of things and buildings that once existed but are repurposed or gone altogether.
As to the present slash future, the pennants that are on the poles, the current Canadian flag, the newer buildings in town, and the repurposed fronts of the old are behind the ghosts and front and center. Look carefully, you'll find more ghosts than at your first glance.
The committee people showed me a painting they liked and aske me to use that style. It was not a photo or realistic look but sort of a"folksyā€¯ style. It was an interesting project to do, and most notably from my standpoint, I liked learning the history that the area actually covered.
If you visit the Marwayne Historic Hotel today (also in the painting), you'll see even more photos of buildings and events - all organized according to theme - from the Marwayne area. A painting can only hold so much! Cindy
Sorley-Keichinger AFC