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Box 113, 210-2nd Ave South, Marwayne, Alberta  T0B 2X0

Jubilee Regional Campground

10 miles north on Highway 897

 Jubilee Legion Park Campground  Jubilee Legion Park Campground Jubilee Legion Park Campground 
 Jubilee Legion Park Campground  Jubilee Legion Park Campground  Jubilee Legion Park Campground

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Jubilee Regional Park
P.O. Box 129
Marwayne, Alberta T0B 2X0

Park Office: 847-2273 Ron: 847-3784 Fax: 847-4144
"The natural beauty of the area, first rate facilities, the ever improving Golf Course, along with events such as the Lea Park Rodeo in June, have made Jubilee Park something that the community can be very proud of.  This would not have been possible without countless volunteer hours on the part of the Legion, the Golf Club and many other community groups."
- Ron Tannas (Park Committee) 
Jubilee Regional Park is home to two major events: The Lea Park Professional Rodeo and the Lea Park Country Jamboree.
For further information, rates, or reservations contact
  • Ron at 780-847-3784 or the Park Office at 780-847-2273
  • For Golf Club information, please contact the clubhouse at 780-847-2651.
P.O. Box 129 Marwayne, Alberta T0B 2X0

Camping at Jubilee Park During COVID-19

At this point in time Jubilee Park is planning to open May 15 with restrictions as laid out by Alberta Health Services:

What kinds of Alberta Campgrounds are allowed to remain open during Covid-19?
Privately owned and also Municipally owned campgrounds will start to open this spring between early May and late June in our region East of Edmonton.
• Seasonal or long term camping accommodation (of 4 weeks or longer) will be allowed.
• Daily/Weekend Campgrounds that have services may be open if they follow the new AHS guidelines. Campgrounds with no services may not be able to open.
It is important to check and contact the Campground to find out if it is open and what prevention measures are in place. It is the decision of the Campground operator if they decide to delay their opening or stay closed during COVID-19. You will need to contact individual campgrounds directly.
NOTE: All National Parks are closed till at least May 31. All Alberta Provincial Park Campgrounds are CLOSED until further notice.

What you can expect if you go Camping in Spring 2020:
• There will be signs up promoting Covid-19 prevention measures in effect.
• Contact free or minimal contact registration for Check in and out.
• Social and Physical distancing of 2 metres is mandatory.
You must camp in an RVor Trailer and use your own functioning toilet, shower, bathroom facilities so you can self isolate.
RVs must be 30’ away from the nearest RV.  This will require every other site to be closed off in some areas of the campground.
• Campsites (or RVs) must be serviced with a supply of water, Power supply and you must have access to a sewer disposal station.
• No tenting will be allowed.
• A No Visitors to your campsite restriction is expected to be in place. No co-mingling of campsites is recommended to ensure social distancing.
Playgrounds, group camping sites, group firepits, events and gathering places are Closed and Cancelled.
• Shared use facilities like Toilets, Showers, self serve comfort stations are Closed.
• Operation or use of bicycles, paddle boats, mini golf courses should be prohibited.
• Campground staff are not allowed to collect your garbage or recycling- you need to use the dumpsters and receptacles provided at the campgrounds.

What is the official statement of Camping currently from Alberta Health Services?
In a statement received by the Alberta Health Services (AHS), "all Provincial and Federal Campgrounds are closed as per the order from the chief medical officer of health, but Private Campgrounds remain open for the time being, provided they take appropriate steps to protect workers, volunteers and patrons from infection”.

Only facilities that "offer long-term accommodation for users (greater than four weeks) or where the site is the user’s primary accommodation are being recommended to remain open”, AHS says. "Campgrounds that choose to remain open would be expected to implement strict control measures to prevent COVID-19 spread.”