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Box 113, 210-2nd Ave South, Marwayne, Alberta  T0B 2X0

Land Inventory: Lots for Sale
Village Residential Lots For Sale
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Industrial Land For Sale zoned Industrial, private titles, click here
Commercial Land For Sale (for private owner lot sales, scroll to bottom of page)
The Village of Marwayne has commercial lots for sale. Click here  to view "Downtown Investment Opportunity" with details and pricing. View the conditions of sale here. Lots must be developed within one year of the development permit being issued.
50' vacant lots available on Lot 17, 19, 27/28
25' vacant lots available on Lot 21, 22
.61 acre vacant lot S10 Railway Avenue South

S10 Railway Avenue South, .61 acres, will be offered for sale at $10,000.  The following conditions apply to the sale:

·        the Land Sales and Conditions of Sale Policy apply to this sale except for clause #14

·        buyer is responsible for all servicing and utility costs including:  water and sewer, pavement patching, natural gas service, power

·        buyer is responsible to ensure that N10 Railway Avenue building continues to have power (as service line is crossing this property)

·        a new building will have historical architectural content as described in the Downtown Historic Guidelines

·        a free 2D rendering of the new building through the Business Revitalization Program is encouraged

includes new water & sewer lines installed fall 2012 & new streetscape in 2013
Zoned: Village Center. Intention of the zone is as follows:
The retention, maintenance and appreciation of historic buildings, landscapes and structures is one of the most compelling ways to respect our past and enrich the present and future. The Marwayne Downtown Revitalization Project is a reflection of the Village’s Boomtown and Early Commercial roots and has adopted the western pioneer theme for the Village Center "T.” Building enhancements and new construction shall respond to the historical architectural content – as explained in the Village of Marwayne Downtown Historic Guidelines – and conform to the purpose of the Village Center district.
The purpose of the Village Center district is to promote the development of a pedestrian-accessible, commercial-service district in which a variety of retail, commercial, office, civic and residential uses are permitted. The Village Center district is intended to discourage the development of separate off-street parking facilities for each individual use. Furthermore, it is recognized that uses, which have as their principal function the sale or servicing of motor vehicles, such as automobile service stations, car washes, or new and used motor vehicle sales or service establishments, and drive-in restaurants and restaurants with drive-through facilities, have a disruptive effect on the intended pedestrian orientation of the district.
Minimum building setback requirements shall be:
  • Front - could be 0 clearance due to considering existing development.
  • Rear - 4.9 ft.
  • Side - None on those side lines adjacent to land in a Commercial District.
As you are looking for a type of building for your business, we would like to suggest that you check out building a two story building with the upstairs as residential for yourself or for rental income. There is a demand for residential rental properties. In the above Historic Guidelines link, check out page 4 for an example of a business on the ground level and residential suites on the top. There are also many drawings in the Guidelines document to spark your imagination.
Private Property For Sale within Village
Private Property for Sale
18B Center Street - former Sieng Sieng Restaurant & Lounge Building built in 1953 with 1980 addition on a 25 x 120 foot lot, 1323 sq. ft. building includes kitchen equipment. Includes new sewer & water lines into property in 2012 & new streetscape in 2013 & 2014. Zoning: Village Center: see information in first village listing above for details Contact 780-872-9088 - only serious inquiries please.
24 Center Street building for sale Remax Karen Lapointe $29,9000
34 Center Street building for sale Bryon Horton 780-205-3685 

Utilize BizPal (use the quick link on left hand side of to determine permits & licenses you may require when starting or operating your business. Use BizPal to cut thru the paperwork burden and red tape that small business owners encounter. For example the Roadside Development Permit will show when you are clicking through the construction, development permit process.