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Box 113, 210-2nd Ave South, Marwayne, Alberta  T0B 2X0

As you are constructing or renovating, you need to consider the following:
Do I need a development permit?
NO development permit is needed for:
  • maintenance or repair to any building that does no include structural alterations or major works of renovation that would require a building permit,
  • fences less than 3 feet in the front yards and less than 6 feet in side and rear yards,
  • accessory building or structure in a residential district with a gross floor area of under 100 sq.ft.
In 2019, the Council of the Village of Marwayne revised and updated their Land Use Bylaw. With the amendments, we have new forms for development and variance applications.

Where do I get a building/gas/electrical/plumbing/gas permit?
The Village is a non-accredited municipality.  Therefore, the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) oversees the provision of safety codes compliance monitoring (permitting and inspection services) in Marwayne on behalf of the Government of Alberta. 
For more information:
What is BizPal? 
BizPaL is an innovative project that provides entrepreneurs with simplified access to the information on permits and licences that they need to establish and run their businesses. This unique partnership among federal, provincial, territorial, regional and local governments is designed to cut through the paperwork burden and red tape that small business owners encounter.
Doing home renovations? Do you need a Safety Codes permit?
Check out this Safety Codes safety tips page to help understand when you need a permit.  Safety tip brochures on the Safety tip page are:
  • Do I Need a Building Permit
  • Finishing Your Basement
  • Clearance for Gas, Propane and Electric ranges
  • Private Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas
  • Building a Wood Deck
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Installing a Fireplace
  • Building a Detached Residential Garage
  • Solid Fuel Burning Appliances