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Traffic Safety: Respect! Campaign


"Respect! Our Streets, We Live Here" is an education campaign to reinforce positive driving habits and discourage negative habits like speeding.


Slow Down -traffic speed remains a priority issue for Marwayne.  As you drive through Marwayne be aware of your speed and remember that safety of your neighbors is in your hands.

Think of Others - we want to keep Marwayne's safe small town atmosphere.  We can each help keep it a respectful, caring community by demonstrating road respect and making the safety of others a priority at every turn. Playing children, walkers, bikers, drivers - there's room for everyone if we remember to share the roads and slow down.


Report Crime to the RCMP

Do you wonder when and if you should report a crime? If you feel that someone is causing harm to others or property – you most definitely should report it to the Kitscoty RCMP. We all care about the people and property in our community, and protecting it is a responsibility we all share. Please don’t take the law into your own hands, but please do let the RCMP know what is happening that you are concerned about.

 Are you concerned about "getting someone in trouble”? Sometimes, by you reporting a crime, it can become the catalyst to stop another individual from ending up in even bigger trouble with worse activity. It is statistically proven that criminal activity usually starts small and builds. Be willing to step up and step in to do your part in stopping a destructive path.

How do you go about reporting criminal activity? If someone or something is in immediate danger, or a crime is in progress – then call 911. That will get you immediate and quick response. Please do NOT dial 911 if it is not an immediate emergency. If you have information about criminal behavior, or suspected criminal behavior, please call the Kitscoty office and you will be directed to one of the members. The administration line is 780-846-2870. Feel free to stop in, and talk with the RCMP if you happen to be in the area. Your visits are always welcome.

 Reporting Through Crime Stoppers  If you feel uncomfortable about openly reporting a crime, please remember that you can remain anonymous by reporting through CRIME STOPPERS. There are three ways to submit a tip through Crime Stoppers. You can use a land line, webtip, and cell phone. This link explains the different ways to properly submit an anonymous tip

 We are blessed to live in an area where people still take pride in their communities. Let’s work together to keep it that way, and to leave a great legacy for future generations! Report a crime!

When Reporting: Please provide the RCMP with as accurate a description as possible of the incident. Provide as much detail as possible. 

For example, for a vehicle concern provide: license plate number, brief description of the vehicle, location, time, date.  This will help ensure RCMP action will be taken against the suspect vehicle owner.  Calls can be made anonymously.


Project Launch Media Release:  Respect! Our Street, We Live Here

The Village of Marwayne has launched a marketing campaign aimed at reinforcing positive driving habits and discouraging negative habits like speeding and aggressive driving. This campaign, called Respect! Our Street, We Live Here, is a vital component of Marwayne’s overall road safety strategy. The campaign will roll out various resident education and engagement activities over the next few months.

"We have heard from residents, that they are concerned about the speed in the Village,” commented Marwayne Mayor, Jenelle Saskiw. "Therefore, in response to these concerns, we’ve created a strategy to address road safety and we are launching the road safety campaign here today.”

This campaign builds on our Community Safety strategy.  The campaign will encourage residents to slow down and think of others when they are using the roads. It will emphasize that we can each help keep Marwayne a respectful, caring community by demonstrating road respect and making the safety of others a priority at every turn. Campaign messaging, Respect! Our Street, We Live Here,will remind residents and visitors of how to safely use the Village’s roads.

"We were able to secure through the Alberta Traffic Safety Fund a grant for a regional education campaign in Marwayne, Kitscoty and Dewberry,” explained Joanne Horton, CAO. "We were able to purchase a speed board and educational materials. Other jurisdictions have found that enforcement alone is not enough to change behaviours. To create lasting change, residents must be engaged in the process and educated about the change we want to create.”

"The Kitscoty RCMP detachment supports the Respect!Campaign,” says Stg Juan Huss "we are committed to providing education to the students when we are in the schools. Only through changing the next generations behaviour will there be lasting change in behaviour.” The RCMP continue to encourage the public to take an active role in making a positive change in their neighborhood by reporting their concerns to the for RCMP follow-up. 

As part of the campaign, the Village will be distributing, both online and through our newsletter, educational information. Additionally, residents will be provided free of charge decals carrying the Respect! slogan. Seasonally the Village will erect signs to reinforce the message for residents and visitors to Marwayne, encouraging road users to slow down and think of others especially as they enter the Village.

This campaign is part of a broader strategy to address road safety within the Village. The data collected will be used to make engineering decisions regarding traffic calming (rumble strips, road narrowing, speed humps).  Knowing the details of the problem (number of vehicles, peak traffic times, speeds) Council can investigate appropriate traffic calming measures as they are permanent, costly, time consuming and are not always the answer to solving traffic-related issues.
To view the Respect! Campaign policy click here